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About WideFile

What is WideFile?

WideFile.com is currently a free web service provided by Live Oak 360. Based in Austin, TX and the keen genius behind BudURL.com, Ez.com, and BearHug, Live Oak 360 provides simple, yet powerful, software solutions that give business the Power to Grow. The current functionality in WideFile is limited, however you'll find it quite powerful and incredibly handy.

Is it Secure?

Of course! We only store your CloudFiles username and API key in our system. Your WideFile password and RackspaceCloud API key are encrypted in our database. Rackspace takes care of all file storage and encryption of your actual file content. This means that your primary Rackspace CloudFiles login is not shared with anyone. WideFile.com is powered by the RackspaceCloud infrastructure and managed by the Live Oak 360 team.

Why WideFile?

While Rackspace provides a very nice web interface through their main control panel, there is not a convenient, web-based tool that you can use for others within your organization. This means that anyone who needs web-based access to CloudFiles must have access to your primary account. The only other clients that are available are downloadable, compiled clients, but everyone knows that web-based software is the best. Have more questions? Visit our support site for more information.
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